bird control: solution for the presence of crows and pigeons in workplaces

The presence of crows and pigeons in urban areas is becoming increasingly significant and difficult to manage, especially to maintain the hygiene of the environment and avoid unpleasant incidents due to the birds' territorial behaviour. However, companies have been trying to curb this problem: How?

The methods used by companies to control crows and pigeons.

Several techniques are used.

The most common method to limit the accumulation of pigeons on buildings is the installation of mechanical needle bollards: iron needles that are theoretically supposed to scare away the flying birds. In practice, however, they do not have the desired effect. First, the pigeons gather on these "metal spikes" and build their nests between them, creating an even more stable tangle of twigs and foliage. Secondly, the sharp materials may injure them, leading to unnecessary suffering and an even greater spread of disease.

Die zweite Methode ist die Verwendung von Taubenabwehrnetzen, die nicht nur ästhetisch unattraktiv sind, sondern auch noch gefährlicher als die oben beschriebenen Metallspieße. Tatsächlich versuchen viele Vögel, vor allem kleinere, durch die Löcher im Netz zu gelangen und bleiben darin gefangen. Auch Raubvögel verfangen sich oft mit ihren Krallen und Beinen in den Drähten. Beide Situationen führen zu einer unmenschlichen Konsequenz: einem langsamen und schmerzhaften Tod.

Die neueste Technik, die von den Unternehmen eingesetzt wird, ist die Einführung des funkgesteuerten Adlers: eine Kopie eines größeren Vogels, der laut mit den Flügeln schlägt, um Krähen und Tauben zu verscheuchen. Obwohl dieses Verfahren zunächst wirksam zu sein scheint, erweist es sich nach kurzer Zeit als völlig nutzlos: Krähen und Tauben sind intelligent genug, um zu erkennen, dass der Vogel nicht echt ist und lernen schnell, ihn zu ignorieren.

All other attempts to drive away pesky birds have failed over the years; the only certainty is that they are extremely expensive methods.

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Bird Control, Falknerei gegen Krähen und Tauben: unsere ökologische und nachhaltige Lösung.

Unser Unternehmen, die Schweizer Falknerei, hat eine umweltfreundliche und nachhaltige Methode entwickelt, um das Problem zu lösen und das Gleichgewicht im Ökosystem, die Sauberkeit und den Frieden in den von Krähen und Tauben bevölkerten Gebieten zu gewährleisten. Wie funktioniert die Vogelbekämpfung?

All other attempts to drive away pesky birds have failed over the years; the only certainty is that they are extremely expensive methods.

We have learned a combination of ancient falconry techniques and innovative training to enable our team of raptors to hunt and intimidate nuisance birds in both urban and agricultural environments.

Thanks to our intervention, which includes two phases, a first intensive phase for two hours six days a week and a second maintenance phase that is more sporadic but regular, the presence of crows and pigeons will soon be just a distant memory.

There are hawks and owls of different sizes, trained for different purposes: The former, depending on their species and size, are used in small, medium and large areas to scare away birds or to hunt weaker prey because of their animal instinct; the latter, very large birds of prey with a truly exceptional wingspan, have the peculiarity of being nocturnal animals, which are therefore the ideal solution for disturbing the resting time of crows and pigeons during twilight.

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Our company: Seriousness, commitment and passion.

Our seriousness and commitment allow us to work in any environment, be it urban, agricultural or industrial: we have trained our animals to the best of our ability and they can adapt to any situation. It is precisely because of the passion we put into our work that we demand the utmost respect.

Our birds of prey are our colleagues, whom we take impeccable care of every day by feeding them high-quality food and providing their immune system with vitamins. They live in an ideal environment with the highest standards of hygiene and comfort.

We invite you to learn more about our modus operandi in future articles.

If you have any questions, please contact us via our contact form on our website or directly by e-mail or telephone.

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