Ecovergrämung Schweiz is an innovative bird Control Company specialising in urban as well as agricultural scenarios. The bird species we are able to help with include crows, magpies and all corvids, feral pigeons, seagulls, cormarants as well as non lethal methods for protected birds such as starlings on wineries.

The ancient art of falconry combined with modern technology is the perfect tool to combat nuisance birds in almost any scenario barring a few rare cases.


Using Falconry for bird control is the most effective and ecological solution as the use of raptors (the natural predator of the problem birds) instills a primordial fear that cannot be replicated by the use of conventional solutions such as loud noises, spikes and bird scarers.


With the use of falconry bird abatement furthermore only the sickest and oldest birds are taken by the raptors ensuring a clean, healthy colony which is gently pursuaded to take up residence elsewhere. The idea is not to kill all the birds rather to convince them that the affected area is the territory of our raptors and therefore a dangerous place for the problem birds to reside and reproduce.


When we are booked for a job we will first come and make a professional survey and appraisal of each situation and make an individual assessment of what is needed for each scenario. This will be charged by hour separately as it involves work on our part. The techniques and modality of how we go about each job will change from situation to situation as every spot and bird species differs in the approach needed to successfully combat the infestation.

The beginning of a job will typically involve intensive and very regular visits to the infected area with the use of many raptors at the same time including Falcons, hawks and owls which puts enormous pressure on the colony of pest birds, preventing future breeding of the species in that area and not allowing the pests to safely rest and forcing them to find a new home. As the number of problem birds is reduced so is the regularity and number of visits necessary per week from our side meaning the work can be reduced over time.


We normally a 100% clearance level but in certain urban environments new colonies take place after a certain time after a job finishes and to this end we strongly recommend a yearly contract to keep the situation constantly under control.

We don’t need anything in particular from a client except for access to the affected area at all times necessary for the success of the job. The price varies from place to place as certain areas are more difficult than others. If we feel any place is too difficult or dangerous for our birds to work then we will Endeavour to recommend alternative solutions for the problem.